“As consumers are getting aware of the ethical power of their purchasing choices, we, creative professionals, must put our experience, talent and consciousness to work to provide them with a real alternative. One that satisfies both their sense of style and function, as well as the need for a positive impact on our natural and human environment.”

- Joelle Klein, Founder & Designer

Our mission is to help our customers engage in conscious consuming while never neglecting the yearning for fashion, style and modernism, and while indulging in the love of the sun, the sea, the street and Life and doing so while respecting other’s lives…

*share with… aim is to create and to host ranges of charismatic, desirable products all infused with identity and purpose, and each having one or more ethical attributes..

*share with…name spells out and embodies the spirit of the brand. We are about sharing, Leaving blank the space after the name with 3 dots makes room for partners in collaborations, for different locations and demographics, for our customers, and with each combination, creating an unique relationship.

* share with…is inspired by and made for the Beach and the Street, both places where we feel social frontiers fade, where the elements and the vibe, bigger than us, unite us .

Joelle Klein

Joelle Klein is a creative fashion designer with over 20 years of experience. Born and raised in the South of France Joelle moved to New York in the late 80’s. Her creations are infused with the cultural heritage of the Provence region, the natural and bold chic of French Riviera women she observed in her youth and the laid back charm of sea loving communities she so loves like Tahiti in Polynesia, Cassis and Porquerolles in France, Montauk and LBI in the States and Itacare in Brazil and the many more she anticipates falling for…

Some history

In 2008…

Joelle opened *share with… Montauk, her first store in Montauk, NY —the then up and coming beach town located at the furthest South Eastern point of Long Island, NY.

In 2014…

Joelle was asked to curate the gift shop of the Broome street hotel in Soho, New York , thus creating in collaboration with the Brooklyn based design agency +plusign, a collection of tees and sweatshirts inspired by the City , its boroughs , its history.

In the spring of 2016…

Joelle opened a new * share with… outpost in Long beach Island, NJ. Another common ground for surfers, fishermen, sea lovers and salt eaters down south on the jersey shore .

Since 2007

Joelle has acted as the creative director for Roberta Freyman and Roberta’s Roller Rabbit brands. Creating multitudes of print stories, embroideries and treatments using the kraft techniques of block printing, beading, hand embroideries and intricate tie and dyes all so special to India. All travel inspired and finding their applications in clothing , bedding and children wear amongst many other.

From 2000 to 2007

Joelle was the director of design for Calypso, where she created for Christiane Celle the Calyso clothing ligne , which was thought after for its feminine, exotic and colorful pieces all infused with a bit of French Riviera air.

Collaborations & the Goodsters

Since its birth in 2008 *share with… engaged in many partnerships with brands, designers and ethical and fair trade communities in the US and around the world. These collaborations have given a distinctive character to the *share with… Montauk store and to *Share With… collections. These partnerships are essential to the vibrant spirit of the brand, insufflate a thriving life and includ:

*share with… Le Minor

fair trade / traditional / upcycled

This collaboration started with the tweaking of some existing styles, making a men’s shirt into a women’s dress, a kid’s pull over into a lace up dress and hoody for women, old stock of striped tees dyed and treated to create a whole new range.

*share with… Madewell

upcycled / recycled

The products created with Le Minor caught the interest of the styling team of Madewell and *Share With was asked to make a collection of revisited stripes with an exclusive distribution for the States within their “Brand we love” selection.

*share with… NAHA

fair trade / traditional / upcycled

TWe have been developing small clothing collections using leftover fabrics, and low impact pigment dyes. All shipped without the use of plastic bags and all washed and lined dried under the Montauk Sun

*share with… ShawLux

fair trade / traditional / organic

We have designed with Shaw scarves and sarongs produced with chemical free cotton in the South of India. Shaw has committed to purchase the whole cotton crop of an entire community at a fixed price under the condition of forgoing the use of chemicals responsible for unusually high suicidal rates of the cotton growers.

*share with… Artysan

fair trade / organic / recycled / upcycled

We have developed bags using strips of leftover leather, and working with different techniques using used tires to make bags and accessories.

And many more collaborations, including:

Deren, +plusign & The Knot House